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For most of our adult lives, both of us have been hiking. We believe in self-propelled recreation, even if we are not covering quite as many miles as we might have thirty years ago. Between us, we probably have well north of 500 backpacking trips and countless day hikes under our belts. That is a lot of time spent in the backcountry, learning a lot of hard lessons and experiencing a lot of beautiful country.

We started this web site back in the 1990ís, as a way of sharing some of those experiences and lessons learned. Between the photo reports and the written reports, we have discovered that lots of people have found our site valuable. We have run into people in the backcountry using some of our written reports as a hiking guide. We have also learned that knowing the exact location of a particular campsite, side canyon, or trail junction can be extremely helpful, and thus, we try to include GPS waypoints where it makes sense. And of course, one of us always has to provide advice related to backcountry travel, whether it is sought or not.

The reports and photo albums herein are clearly only a small fraction of the trips we have done, so if you have questions about other places, or even questions about the content of this site, please write us at roger@twohikers.org. We like hearing from you.

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